FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2019

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it turns out giving away free money doesn't come up unemployment's at least not in Finland on Friday the government announced the results of its two year experiment which store two thousand randomly chosen unemployed fans become the first Europeans to enjoy a guaranteed universal basic income participants they actually didn't start working more %HESITATION like the government was hoping although the bureaucracy was taken away from them and they they didn't work anymore than that the control group that was involved in the study date so it didn't have the effect that that the politicians were hoping to see unemployment has been consistently high in Finland and with an aging population the country needs to renew its welfare system so the government basically wants to get the jobless back to work and when somebody loses their job and it takes some time to start receiving the benefits so they don't really want to accept small jokes or like temporary employment because then they lose the benefit again city Monson and was one of the participants she received a monthly paycheck of six hundred and thirty five dollars from the state for two years regardless of whether or not she found a job some money what is not a big difference but then this sentence of them benefit been unconditional meant that I could actually get the benefit and earn on top of it with part time work or any work I think the biggest effect was psychological while the impacts on unemployment was minimal those in the U. P. I. trial reported feeling happier and healthier right now though it looks unlikely that politicians will conclude that you be online is the solution to the country's unemployment problem