FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2019

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Francis sudden decision to withdraw its ambassador to Italy the first time since World War two is the latest move in a rapidly deteriorating relationship between the European neighbors %HESITATION allies with fronts blaming repeated baseless attacks by Italian political leaders and it's getting ugly out by the day as which is Lee Baker explains it's all about gaining ground ahead of European parliamentary elections in may particularly for its lease Luigi de meio the anti establishment five star movement and Matteo salvini of the leak party with some predicting populists could wind up with a third of seats now it's come down to real personal politics and personal attacks salvini and do my all have both criticized mackerel personally for his take on policies they've said that France is the neo colonialist in Africa they've said that they hope the macro on his party lose in the European elections and now DiMaggio took the decision to come and meet with the yellow vest protesters in France the same protesters have been mounting a months long campaign a gates mac on sometimes a violent one this issue could bubble on for some while Tamayo has written a letter to the mall France's leading newspaper setting out again why he decided to come to France and meet with those protestas he's talking about the need to take the issues to the pan European public mac on himself talked about having a pan European policy when he first came into office so in a way he's laid the groundwork for some of these cross border issues I do think that it's likely that between now and may both salvini anti mile will try again to produce mackerel to broad fronts to see whether by shaking that that Hornet's nest they can spot the road lecturers have tools to encourage voters in front a gates mackerel on the far right on populist like the end of S. and see whether that shakes things up in European politics ahead of those elections