FIRST AIRED: February 21, 2019

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SpaceX and Boeing are both building capsules meant to once again carry American astronauts into space aboard American space craft but with the clock ticking down toward a deadline rotors has learned NASA has warned both companies about design and safety concerns with their computing systems two people with direct knowledge of the program told Reuters that the space agency's concerns go far beyond those listed in a public report released last month Reuters correspondent Eric Johnson in Seattle broke the story the reporters from NASA is at airspace safety panel showed it flat the a stop report flat number of the issues with the both systems both computing lunch Justin's from SpaceX and Boeing for Boeing it mentioned %HESITATION some risks around its ability to absorb shocks when it's heat shields the poor %HESITATION for space acts you talked about a canister they had redesigned following a twenty sixteen explosion however I I talked to sources about that report and about a company's progress towards meeting its goals and I've heard that the concerns Nasser has for both companies go actually further beyond that report %HESITATION and include %HESITATION some other design and safety risks that they have to address before they can put humans on board a Boeing spokesperson said quote our numbers show we are exceeding NASA's safety requirements representative for SpaceX said there's nothing more important to SpaceX than safely flying crew both firms said they were working closely with NASA since the U. S. retired space shuttle program its astronauts have had to hitch rides to the international space station aboard Russian spacecraft at a cost of about eighty million dollars per ticket NASA is paying SpaceX two point six billion and Boeing four point two billion dollars to build rocketing capsule lunch systems and get America back in the game SpaceX founded by test was you on mask has sent unmanned supply rockets to the international space station since twenty twelve though not without incident , NASA set to conduct a flight readiness review on Friday for SpaceX's mission without a crew on March second NASA said Boeing's unmanned starliner would fly no earlier than April with the crude mission currently slated for August