FIRST AIRED: February 11, 2019

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it's now just weeks before person is usually the European Union box people living on working near the border between island of the British province of Northern Ireland have given up trying to prepare Ayman fits Patrick owns a filling station and hardware store the straddles the own the land border between the two jurisdictions yes this Cup is the border which has become the most heated issue of the political crisis Ayman phase he may have to change his business I'm push up prices off to brexit which could also trigger a revival of smuggling but he says he called Rudy make any sort of preparations because he has no idea which scenario will play out when person brexit so March twenty ninth there are currently three main options a chaotic exits a delay or a smooth transition periods opened her %HESITATION estos exited moms I would cook a %HESITATION %HESITATION into the interest in it to see what was going on or trying to find it now %HESITATION I've can give open up because you know you hear not many different stories on this paper to get involved in up on the company is the or stop and %HESITATION own on the didn't seem the ID had no tail as to what we as going you don't a survey published on Monday suggests he's not alone it found that over fifty percent of small and medium businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland had not even started making plans , Ireland's accession to the European block in nineteen seventy three remove the need for customs checks on the border and in nineteen ninety eight piece pack so security checks disappear since then the three hundred mile border has been all but invisible some cross it a dozen times a day is no surprise then that the effort to prevent the return of a hold border has proved the biggest sticking point in Britain's attempts to negotiate this movie's phase exit from the E. U. if talks fail and Britain crashes out island will have little choice but to restore customs checks for the short term at least in that was case and are you a man says he may have to physically separate the fuel pumps and hardware stores on either side of the border he says no one in his situation has been getting any official supports and fears that even on March twenty ninth the shape of the border will be unclear