FIRST AIRED: February 14, 2019

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Haxan modified versions of popular apps like Spotify it were mine craft are showing up on apple's tightly controlled iPhone I'm Stephen Ellis with writers in San Francisco ever since apple debuted the apps store in two thousand eight it's tried to persuade consumers of the iPhone is safer and more secure than rival phones running the android operating system because apple reviews and controls all of the software that can be put on the iPhone through the apps store but %HESITATION lawyers examination is found people can download modified versions of things like Spotify %HESITATION minecraft aired Rovio is angry birds game titles onto those iPhones completely outside of apple's control with these developers are doing is miss using apple's program for businesses to be able to distribute internal applications to their own employees in order to push out versions of apps to consumers they do things like this there's a free version of Microsoft's minecraft game they normally would cost you seven dollars if you downloaded to the apps store so these hacked in modified versions of popular apps are costing both apple and the makers of those apps real money now this program has also been misused by Google and Facebook a few weeks ago apple briefly booted them out of the program after found that they were using it to distribute data gathering research apps to everyday consumers lawyers found that it's somewhat like a game of whack a mole during the course of reporting this story apple actually shut down some of these illicit app distribution services but then they came back up and were running again within days or even a few hours in some cases for most consumers to stick to the apps store there's no danger here however for users the do venture out there is a big risk the system being used here can actually take data off of your phone and send it to unknown actors