FIRST AIRED: February 22, 2019

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president Vladimir Putin doesn't miss an opportunity to boast about Russia's impressive military and he says that improving the navy's combat capabilities is a top priority what's that supposed to be easier said than done this guided missile frigate is already on the water Bucks there are three that have been sent on finished at the Baltic shipyard for three years writers on through old born in Moscow says Russia has plenty of money but it's not on tap to reverse years of post Soviet to decline as fast as it would like the issue for Russia is that that money is earmarked for other purposes not for its military in essence it is an insurance fund an insurance fund against further sanctions from the west on the one hand and on the other hand it is able to spend trillions trillions of rubles on raising the living standards of ordinary Russians Russia's military prowess is undeniable buses shorts on modern factories and skilled labor and sanctions imposed by Ukraine in twenty fourteen off to Russia annexed Crimea prompted key have to cost of sales for the engines Russia needs to propel it's unfinished chips with dots and other sanctions Russia consummate their replacements fast enough they have a lot of a quick mental very good equipment and they are better trained than they will %HESITATION several years ago Red Square is if you like my shop windows the reality is very different many of the %HESITATION the tanks for example and even the planes which displayed on Red Square are actually prototypes they have not been serially produced produced in large numbers deployed in large numbers western expats say Russia has long protected itself as of this minute tree competitor but that's in reality Moscow is militarily lagging behind all the giants really what it shows is that the image the Russia is projecting to the world of its military and its ability to project conventional military force across , the world frankly that image is probably quite exaggerated Russia often let's compare sold to China but again all of the shows the compared to China which is modernizing its armed forces and in particular its navy and a huge place issues right Russia yes rusher is getting that but it's getting there with big problems it's a slow process and it's a trouble process and everything is simply not quite as it seems