FIRST AIRED: February 20, 2019

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young patriotic and ready to labor for the great leader this is the inspiring image of north Korea's youth brigade that the state would like you to see the brigade is made up of young college age students recruited to do hard labor in an hour long documentary created by state media the enthusiastically toil through extreme weather and do dangerous work without safety equipment with their building is can Germans new socialist utopia in a town called some G. on it'll be a new economic hub near the Chinese border with apartments hotels and even a ski resort it's one project in Kim's push to focus on the economy instead of missiles but human rights activists say despite the picture painted by the state these workers live in slave like conditions under the name of loyalty kind of productive north Korea's brigade system is modern slavery they receive skimpy meals which don't even have basic nutrients the students work more than twelve hours a day without pay for up to ten years in return they get better chances at entering the university or into the ruling workers party historically the brigades are seen as some of the most loyal groups to the ruling Kim family but defectors say the state is now struggling to entice new recruits because private markets in the north are on the rise and north Korea's new wealthy are paying their way out of the labor time one day will nobody would go there if not for a party membership or education which helps you and a better job but these days you can make a lot more money from the markets and people with money don't wanna be brigade members those that can't afford a free pass are risking their lives to run away mid service according to defectors it's a dangerous gamble if they're caught mortars face harsh punishment and are marked as traders for life Julian she would use the TV can German recently made a big and visible gesture in thinking the workers part of a push to sell the brigade to young people according to one rights group that's , omit the total work force as of twenty sixteen stands at about four hundred thousand workers