FIRST AIRED: February 23, 2019

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Warren Buffett is not so optimistically hunting for an elephant sized acquisition in his annual letter to shareholders on Saturday the billionaire investor wrote that the prospects of landing a make a deal for Berkshire Hathaway are quote not good but that explained that prices are sky high for businesses possessing decent long term prospects that disappointing reality means that two thousand nineteen will likely see S. again expanding our holdings of marketable equities we continue nevertheless to hope for an elephant sized acquisition Berkshire Hathaway is sitting on one hundred and twelve billion dollars in cash and other low returning assets that has been struggling to invest for years one but they cannot find whole companies to buy he often invest in stocks like apple his letter added that his inability to find a company to buy meant more stock buying is likely in two thousand nineteen asper earnings Berkshire Hathaway posted a fourth quarter net loss of twenty five point three nine billion due to sinking stocks and deteriorating prospects from an investment in Kraft Heinz which reported a fifteen point four billion dollar right down for craft Oscar Mayer and other assets sending its stock plunging twenty seven percent on Friday as a result Berkshire Hathaway also posted a three point oh two billion dollar right down the buffet said was almost entirely attributable to craft tines in which Berkshire owns a twenty six point seven percent stake but it's not all doom and gloom Berkshires quarterly operating profit did rise seventy one percent to five point seven two billion benefiting from improved results in many businesses including the geico auto insurer ended BNSF railroad