FIRST AIRED: February 25, 2019

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just a normal day in southern California heavy traffic pollutes the S. despite countless policies promoting clean a gasoline car pooling under the use of electric vehicles , but now environmentally conscious California residents have a new opportunity to improve the quality using these tests smoke absorbing granules on the designs to go on rooftops so all of our roofing granules have a coating on them and with the smart reducing granules it's just a different type of coding and it's a photo catalytic coating and how that works is when it's on the rough %HESITATION the sunlight actually activates that codeine and it %HESITATION takes any smog particles so they need and %HESITATION and %HESITATION axe type %HESITATION articles I have landed on the rough and during that photo catalytic cycle with the sun hitting and it transforms that that and %HESITATION access log particles into a water soluble salts I on the granules a made by grinding rock from a quarry in a corona once it's crossed the appropriate granule size the face a counselor sick hurting is glazed on to the granules into killed before being sent out for installation , this hai menaces choosing the smoke absorbing shingles has high was a no brainer gotta get refer place anyway there's not one single person that's not gonna have to replace the roof but if you can use this kind of innovation that has pollution fighting granules in it , you can help do your part , Californians already environmentally conscious they buy a whole off of old electric vehicles sold in the U. S. even so you tell pipe pollution is increasing thanks to decades old urban planning decisions that made Los Angeles in particular haven for sprawling developments of single family homes and long commutes I mean granted this one roof but if it starts here and everybody else starts doing it becomes the norm then you know who knows what it what the end result will be