FIRST AIRED: February 27, 2019

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as he awaits prison president Donald trump's former lawyer in Big Sur Michael Cole with will be all over Capitol Hill this week what's the message the president beginning on Tuesday co inserts a three day grilling from lawmakers on what he knows about trump's maneuvers before and after he won the White House much of that testimony will be private but the main event will come on Wednesday when code will appear for the first time at an open public hearing before the powerful house oversight committee a moment of high drama summer comparing to White House counsel John dean's testimony at the height of the Watergate scandal Reuters justice department reporters there a Lynch I think everyone expects it to be a very lively hearing %HESITATION people say bring your popcorn and this one this one's going to be %HESITATION %HESITATION blockbuster one even if we don't have a lot of new information that comes out it's still going to be quite a spectacle to see Michael Cohn in his own words describe what he has previously said are crimes he committed at the behest of the sitting president of the United States code pleaded guilty to lying to Congress among other offenses it was ordered to serve three years starting in may democratic oversight chairman Alisa Cummings has laid out the scope for Wednesday centerpiece hearing it will not dwell on Russia since special counsel Robert Miller's probe is still on going but it will include trumps complaints with campaign finance and tax laws and examine his business practices and potential conflicts of interest and also trumps foundation %HESITATION which had to be shuttered and is under investigation in the state of New York for for up alleged impropriety so we're going to still have a pretty broad net of things to talk about it just won't relate to Russia also on the agenda hush money payments to influence the twenty sixteen election including the one hundred thirty thousand dollars paid the porn star stormy Daniels who said she had an affair with trump but first cone on Tuesday will go behind closed doors with the Senate intelligence committee then , on Thursday he will cap his hill visit with the clothes house intelligence committee hearing offering co and a chance to correct misstatements about a proposed crop organization skyscraper in Moscow codes guilty plea last year stemmed from molars investigation into Russia's role in the twenty sixteen election and whether trump's campaign colluded with Moscow trump has denied collusion calling to prove a witch hunt the entire thing is been a witch hunt and