FIRST AIRED: February 19, 2019

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the federal reserve's key interest rates are just fine where they are that's the view of New York federal reserve president John Williams he told Reuters exclusively Tuesday that after raising rates seven times since two thousand seventeen to the two and a quarter to two and a half percent range the so called fed funds rate is now economically neutral meaning it's not holding back economic growth or speeding it up they were not very good situation I think monetary policy is where it should be %HESITATION it's around my view of what neutral interest rates are the economy still growing %HESITATION X. expect growth to be %HESITATION slightly above trend growth %HESITATION in twenty nineteen inflation's your target employment very low we can wait and see a bit watch the data analyzing come to conclusions about where policies going so I don't think policy is that for all time but for right now I think we're in a very good place fed not only the client to raise interest rates at its meeting in January it surprised many by signaling it was pushing the pause button on any future rate hikes , much conflicting data like strong jobs numbers at the same time consumer delinquencies are rising the best quarterly U. S. in store sells go for Walmart in nine years at the same time December retail sales had their biggest tumble in nine years some of the reasons Williams says a bed on hold is the correct policy stance this is definitely a very interesting time in terms of the data flow %HESITATION we are we're seen some I think effective of slowing growth which was not a surprise %HESITATION twenty eighteen had a well above trend growth and think I and most people expected growth to be slower in twenty nineteen %HESITATION but we we definitely are getting a lot of different signals about that %HESITATION the date is %HESITATION have been coming in some of the day have been really strong some less so getting that's a pretty much a strong argument for taking some time %HESITATION reassessing the dating get a clear picture of where the economy is and where it's going the fed's next meeting is a month away and policy makers will then update forecast where they think the economy is really heading