FIRST AIRED: February 26, 2019

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food leisure nafta mas Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has not formally accepted the resignation of Muhammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday the president stood by his foreign minister saying he was at the front line of the battle against America to refill announced he was stepping down on Monday via Instagram in a post that took many by surprise he gave no reason for the U. S. educated diplomat has long been criticized by hall of license over the twenty fifteen nuclear deal which Washington abandoned last year about to campus Jacob was the Middle East for Reuters why he chose Instagram rather than doing it formally is it's a little unclear perhaps it was because he wanted to leave the the opening for himself to be able to %HESITATION you know kind of backtracking without submitting in formal %HESITATION Fishel resignation that he could %HESITATION he could still have some kind of negotiation %HESITATION with with the office of the president to maybe take his job back to reflate the lead role in securing the nuclear agreement between Iran and the west which was aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear program whatever since the United States pulled out of it lost mates a reef is come under attack from anti western hotline as if the reef %HESITATION does not retract his resignation it will give an opening for %HESITATION for hard liners to move in because that this is really something that they've %HESITATION %HESITATION been been waiting for the way the son of opening that they've been waiting for %HESITATION the dipping criticizing the nuclear deal that %HESITATION raw honey and %HESITATION than to re five stick that reputation on so if if the reef %HESITATION withdrawals from that it would not %HESITATION give %HESITATION give these hardliners an opening to go in and and you know criticizing nuclear deal in a much more stronger than that the much stronger way , moderate lawmakers rallied on Tuesday reportedly signing a letter to Rouhani in support of the reef with warnings of the country's economy is facing the worst economic crisis in forty years some suggest the rear honey is unlikely to accept the reef decision since no one else could fill the demanding post