FIRST AIRED: February 20, 2019

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with just a week away to his meeting in Hanoi president trump has a new mantra for North Korea no testing no rush should this testing that's about the deal north Korea's but its nuclear and missile testing on ice at least publicly since twenty seventeen speaking to reporters at the White House on Tuesday the president said sanctions on Pyongyang will stay put but that he has no pressing time schedule for the country's denuclearization it's a different approach from the Singapore summit where the president went in with high expectations for quick results well I just like to see ultimately the militarization of North Korea I think we will see that ultimately as trump downplays expectations for this summit it clashes with a message from secretary of state Mike Pompeii %HESITATION just last week urged can germane to make the move fast he's told us that he well now it's time for him to deliver on Wednesday Pompeii %HESITATION emphasize that the U. S. aimed to get as far down the road as it can ahead of the summit though overall the trump administration has moved away from demands that the north give up its weapons immediately experts say it's adopted a more gradual reciprocal approach the kind that Pyongyang has insisted on all along earlier this month US special representative Stephen beacon spent three days in North Korea in a trip he said was aimed at agreeing on concrete deliverables ahead of the summit he's into that compromise before too and nothing in today's circumstances necessarily guarantees that we will be successful , however today we differ in both situations and approach from the past begin now heads to Hanoi to make the final preparations for the big meeting