FIRST AIRED: February 24, 2019

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a showdown in Venezuela between protesters and troops became a deadly flash point Saturday security forces loyal to Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro unleashed tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters killing at least two of them the protests were trying to break through the soldiers blockade of US foreign aid some of the trucks carrying food and medicine for Venezuela were set on fire dozens of people were injured by rubber rounds fired by soldiers , earlier in the day interim president one quite Joe had given a personal send off to the aid caravan leaving the Colombian city of Kahuta today's date February twenty third will be one month since I assume the presidency and the Venezuelan people will be out on the street demanding the arrival of humanitarian aid Maduro is blocking aid entering the country into non is there's a crisis close down the border with Colombia and Brazil and sent troops to guard all crossings angering residents and sparking clashes but in a sign of dissent on Saturday some soldiers refused to follow majora's orders and defected , I recognize our president one why do I I'm in the struggle with the people that as well in every protest with the hearts of all people Maduro is also angry with Columbia support for point out he says he's cutting ties with his neighbor and gave Colombia's ambassador and consular staff twenty four hours sleep in this way leaders of Venezuela's ruling Socialist Party called gliders eight effort a veiled Asian backed by Washington and insist that the US should instead help Venezuela by lifting crippling financial and oil sector sanctions after Saturday's violence as US vice president Mike pence his aides say he plans to meet with quite %HESITATION for the first time on Monday in Colombia official said Friday if the aid convoy was turned away pens was ready to ratchet up the tough US sanctions even further to trying cut off Maduro's funding