FIRST AIRED: February 17, 2019

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battle for Islamic states lasted territory in Syria continues over the weekend , militant group is believed to be contained in a pocket now only about seven hundred meters across these images from the last week show civilians fleeing the fighting video released by Islamic state is set to show the battle from their perspective , commander of the Kurdish led forces leading the assault says victory could come any day now but thousands of civilians are also stock in there being used as human shields , it's a far cry from the vast territory Islamic state once captured across Syria and neighboring Iraq only five years ago what they called their caliphate , and it underscores questions of what to do when the fighting stops on Saturday US president trump tweeted that European powers should take hundreds of captured militants and put them on trial his position is that European allies or to doing enough in the war and that if Europe doesn't take the prisoners quote we will be forced to release them and then the militants will end up wreaking havoc on Europe streets US plans to gradually withdraw from Syria after this battle which has alarmed its allies loss of Islamic state's territory doesn't mean the group is a radic kid when I. S. lost its territory in Iraq for example they went underground and still routinely carry out attacks there the United Nations estimates there may be up to eighteen thousand dahlias fighters loose in the two countries will help you guys there's also the matter of what happens to the Kurds they were the backbone of U. S. efforts in Syria given American weapons advisors air support but another big player here Turkey considers the Kurds as terrorists and without the US there now moving closer to Russia and Syrian president Assad for protection