FIRST AIRED: February 16, 2019

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a US airforce plane carrying a second shipment of humanitarian aid for Venezuela touch down in neighboring Colombia Saturday carrying hygiene kits and special products meant for children suffering from malnutrition aids send mostly by the U. S. as a show of support for interim president one white dole is being blocked by president Nicolas Maduro and earlier shipment which included basic food and medical supplies is still being stored in a warehouse in Colombia , even as Venice Venice political standoff shows no signs of cooling down US national security adviser John Bolton told reporters Friday that the tide is turning against Maduro the military and other senior figures %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION Maduro supporters are not going to tell the press that they're negotiating with the opposition , but many of them clear majority maybe almost all of them have been doing that for the past three weeks and on Friday eight quite those envoy in Washington Carlos virtue echoed this message telling Reuters the loyal military would eventually turn against the socialist president adding quote we are in an irreversible process of change time is not on mother rose side , it's important to understand that despite is been a swelling it's our agenda set by Venezuelans what we've had is international support and what we're having is a fight between democracy and dictatorship why though and his backers regard last year's elections that mother a one as fraudulent while my doodle has accused Rydel of staging a U. S. directed coup attempt we call on the European Union to step forward for freedom and recognize one quite though is the only legitimate president of Venezuela help with it north but Spain's foreign minister in Saturday rejected fences call to unequivocally support why does saying that is what I needed to first hold free and fair elections