FIRST AIRED: February 25, 2019

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with this next north Korean summit just around the corner trump seems to be playing hard and softball the US president on Sunday emphasized sanctions saying that pressure on the north is still full lawn but also said again he's in no rush for progress and I always say you know the media sometimes will say well what have they given up we've given up nothing I don't wanna rush anybody I just don't want testing as long as there's no testing , we're happy trump launched as maximum pressure campaign on North Korea two years ago rocket man , is on a suicide mission from self , and for his regime in an effort to bring the regime the negotiating table now experts say the campaign is running out of time Josh Smith reports from Hanoi there are two sides of done from the maximum pressure campaign both economic sanctions but also political isolation %HESITATION and so what we're seeing from a lot of the folks that we're talking to is regardless of whether the United States lift some of those %HESITATION specific economic sanctions a lot of that political pressure %HESITATION is already gone and that's giving North Korea a green light to reach out to a lot of %HESITATION players around the region China Russia will signal that they're very open and interested in engaging with North Korea %HESITATION at the same time there are very real consequences for North Korea for these continued sanctions %HESITATION we talked to one western diplomat who said that north Koreans may be able to live under sanctions have gotten very used to that %HESITATION but they don't want to have to and Kim Jong un will not be able to accomplish the ambitious economic goals that he's laid out if the same sanctions continue meanwhile details around the summit are still hazy with only two days to go kingdom then boarded a train from Pyongyang on Saturday but it's not clear when he might arrive in Huntley or where whole state trump will touch down on Tuesday evening the summit venue is still a mystery