FIRST AIRED: February 19, 2019

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China's hottest new app gives you propaganda on the go it's a Communist Party platform called sure sheets young for more study to make China strong it teaches president xi Jinping's thoughts and it's sitting height at number one and apples China apps store that beats China's version of tick tock and we chat China's most popular chat app it's racked up forty five million downloads since the January launch possibly help by some Communist Party members being ordered to get it but it's a step above Beijing's typically clunky websites sources told Reuters it's relatively slick and high tech because top Chinese tech company Ali Baba made it for the party reduce kick a dell explains why that's raising eyebrows so we don't actually know how Alibaba would possibly make money from this out there obviously not telling us %HESITATION but what we do know is that this is sort of blurring the lines between %HESITATION the potty and tech companies and it's sort of coming at a time when this relationship between the potty and tech companies is under the microscope due to issues like wall way and you know a a foreign country sort of accusing China of being in bed with tech companies %HESITATION that are also trying to expand overseas the op offers videos and government news stories there's even a social aspect can take quizzes to earn points other users can see your scores and thus measure your party know how China has a history of %HESITATION you know state newspapers and state media and some of that seems a very okay it to young people in China where is this kind of thing you know it's very much fits in with the other things they're experiencing intense of new technology intensive hugely popular apps the alley bobber intense it makes so you're yeah may may not be there being ideologically swayed more than just receiving the same content through a a more attractive channel all this comes after Ali Baba founder Jack ma was revealed to be a Communist Party member just a few months back