FIRST AIRED: February 15, 2019

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more than twenty four hours since the shocking revelation Amazon is ditching plans to build a new headquarters in New York City and tempers are still flaring in the Long Island City neighborhood with the building was to go up I'm surprised that they didn't seem to have more of an appetite to work with the community I'm license and was on one of the biggest , shipping companies shipment of being in the busiest city in the world one of the answer to that question may have more to do with politics than just your business Reuters correspondent Dan Trotta learned of a meeting that took place on Wednesday involving another Amazon location in New York this one in Staten Island that may have complicated discussion about the Long Island City property in the borough of Staten Island there is an Amazon facility where they are attempting the workers there are tending to unionize , now the people who were they talking about the other facility in Long Island City queens were saying to Amazon look we have this other situation in New York City you're coming into New York City this is a union town if you want to be able to do business here show us some good faith by allowing that other facility to go ahead with its unionization efforts unimpeded or would least in a fair environment without hostility from what we know so far Amazon was not willing to even go that far that is if they had just agreed to that it would have gone a long way toward removing the arguments from the anti Amazon side as far as we can tell that may have been one of the crucial points for Amazon because if they allow a union shop in Staten Island who's to say you know what that does to the rest of their %HESITATION operations across the country and across the world Amazon isn't speaking beyond a statement that it wasn't willing to deal with hostile negotiators that silence however is fueling the debate over what the Amazon New York City break down not only says about future business deals in New York but also the role local government subsidy should play in lowering big business to cities