FIRST AIRED: February 15, 2019

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prisons big banks are starting to speak out about breaks it OBS reported its latest earnings Friday and the bailed out lender seems to be recovering its hiked its dividend payments to shareholders off to profit more than doubled in twenty eighteen but all the S. sounds worried about the future so it's really one of the most detailed and stockist warnings we've had yet from a major bank that's which is banking correspondent mourns white what obvious did say today which is new is that up to fifty billion euros worth of cross border payments that they clear every day through the front for brunch could be in jeopardy if they don't get the right license in time chief executive Ross McEwan settle Friday the uncertainty of a brexit has gone on fall too long just the night before he spoke UK prime minister to resume lost another key vote in parliament McEwan says the turmoil is forcing big firms to hold investment plans brexit might also cost the future of majority state of all be S. into dialed the big question obviously is labor if I were to come into power as a result of some kind of brexit turmoil they've said that they would actually holds the re privatization of RVS and instead use it as a kind of because I stay lender to redirect money back to you poor regions in Britain and it wasn't just all the S. sounding worried on Friday Germany's banks supervisor says lenders from around the region haven't moved enough stall from London to E. U. cities now the coming days will see results from more big names including HSBC and ball please so far they've largely try to sound relaxed about brexit , many wondrous next week will be the moments that patience runs out