FIRST AIRED: February 24, 2019

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what is real looks set to join an elite club on Thursday the Jewish state's first spacecraft built to land on the moon blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force station it's an unmanned mission powered by a falcon nine rocket launched by you on must space acts if this succeeds Israel will become just the fourth country to land a control touchdown after the US the former Soviet Union and China but unlike the others this is not a big government venture the thirteen hundred pound space craft was built by space I out an Israeli non profit with help from state owned defense contractor and most of the one hundred million dollar budget came from private donors the mission is also taking a unique group to the moon first orbiting earth in a loop that will gradually whiten Intel it shifts to orbit the moon setting the stage for a tricky free fall touchdown all told it will take two months and the spacecraft will have to travel through four million miles of space compared to a direct path of only two hundred and forty thousand miles the Israeli engineers have names their space craft beer a sheet Hebrew for the biblical phrase in the beginning it's designed to spend just a few days to photograph its landing site and measure the moon's magnetic field the team told reporters late last year that there are no immediate plans to bring it home this Cup soleil will remain on the moon and the state that the environment of the moon and maybe in a couple of years maybe someone that we send a spacecraft to bring it back space I'll officials say they hope very she inspires Israel's defense focus space program to start turning more towards science