FIRST AIRED: February 27, 2019

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this is a small public transportation office in at home keep though on the outskirts of Caracas even though it's up and running nine men are in jail for supposedly burning this building down back in January court records obtained by Reuters along with interviews with twenty people contradict the national guards official account that the arrested the men including fifty nine year old Jose it and head during a violent protest their families and lawyers told Reuters the believe the men were arbitrarily detained as part of a crackdown by president Maduro on people protesting his government Reuters interviewed ring has family what the live animal on January twenty fourth at nine thirty in the evening we were at home having dinner when a group of National Guard soldiers entered with the faces all covered without any sort of warm they took my father in law and they kidnapped and robbed us they beat him up he turned the house upside down policia model is now under intense international pressure after opposition leader one why though invokes the constitution and assumed an interim presidency rights groups say modelos government is going after lower level politicians like rain head head of the local opposition party who has now been behind bars for almost five weeks right is correspondent Angus Berwick is in Caracas rights groups say that in many of these cases and featuring a put two arrests you know that's a complete absence all of the evidence witnesses here might be biased as in the case of four seven has matured to the suburbs the sole witness is the local leader of the ruling Socialist Party the nine man arrested that day all denied being at the scene of the protest most said they were arrested far from where the National Guard said they were among them was twenty one year old Emmanuel the cornea who's my , %HESITATION showed Reuters this photo of her sons back scored by rubber bullets she says were shot at point blank range hotel young up we'll see that my son still hasn't been seen by a doctor they don't let us see him I haven't been able to touch him I want them to free my son because he's innocent together with the other people there you know saying behold the closer to home church okay vicuna sister recently posted this photo on Facebook of her brother's hands poking through the jails windows saying that was all she could see of him adding quote this is the longest nightmare that as well as information ministry did not respond to a request for comment