FIRST AIRED: February 13, 2019

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General Motors and Amazon may soon inject a serious money into a start up that wants to be Tesla for pickup trucks review in is a Michigan company that only unveiled concepts for its trucks last November now sources tell Reuters Amazon and GM are talking about taking a stake in a deal valuing review at one to two billion dollars for GM it could help speed up a roll out of its own all electric pickups that after Tesla C. E. O. U. on musk told investors last August electric pickups were his personal favorite for that company's next vehicle after the model why slated for production and twenty twenty as for what Amazon gets out of electric trucks Reuters Jeffrey dastan in San Francisco says the company wants any deal they can insure packages get to your doorstep fast in years past it had trouble around the Christmas holidays some good didn't arrive in time for Christmas and that it's not really good in terms of building trust with consumers and since that point it's a side it's going to do whatever it takes to be reliable so that as Mads agreements with cargo airlines that is Matt %HESITATION this past year at secure twenty thousand fans with from Mercedes so we can have delivery contractors you know more easily on on their their side of the equation deliver goods to shoppers its delivery costs have stored in the year and year again and essentially a major cost of delivery of courses gas so if a company can do , shipping for Amazon strictly with electric vehicles you know that seems like it would make a lot of sense %HESITATION if Amazon does reach a deal with reputable be quite interesting because Amazon help fund raise five hundred thirty million dollars %HESITATION it was announced out this month for a self driving car start up called Aurora and it's actually been quite rare for Amazon to its invest in stars like this around driving technology you know it's it's made investments in voice technology or get around the lax %HESITATION things like that but driving seems to be from the last invested in touch with this one a new area of focus sources told Reuters a deal for a stake in review in could come as soon as this month our review and plans to begin selling its are won T. the pick up it debuted in November in autumn twenty twenty