FIRST AIRED: February 13, 2019

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let's start California's ambitious plan for a high speed train between Los Angeles and San Francisco has been effectively scrapped governor Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday the state will dramatically scale back the seventy seven billion dollar project but will finish a smaller section of the line current project as planned would cost too much respectfully take too long there's been too little oversight , and not enough transparency rooters correspondent David shepherd St he did emphasize that the state will move forward and complete about a hundred twenty miles of track in California's Central Valley in part because he does not want to send back three point five billion dollars in federal funding the Obama distribution gave California to president Donald Trump in order to have any hope of ultimately completing this project the state would have to come up with at least forty five billion dollars in funding it's not identified the project set for completion in twenty thirty three had suffered a series of setbacks in November at the state auditor said California's high speed rail authorities quotes flawed decision making and poor contract management have contributed to billions in cost overruns and delays the curtailed plan will set the United States back from other industrialized countries which have made trains with speeds over two hundred miles per hour a reality the U. S. is far behind the high speed trains in Shanghai in Europe and Japan the U. S. is suffering from older infrastructure and a you know a lack of %HESITATION lack of funding to make true high speed rail a reality knew some also about new transparency saying he would hold contractors and consultants accountable to explain how tax dollars are spent