FIRST AIRED: September 9, 2018

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>> A vast barrier snaked out of San Francisco on Saturday on a mission to sweep tons of plastic out of the Pacific Ocean. This is System 001, developed by the Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch non profit organization. They're calling it the world's first ocean cleanup system. It's been towed 1,200 nautical miles offshore to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area between Hawaii and California containing 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic.
It's U-shaped and 600 meters long. That's more than the height of most buildings on Earth, and it's designed to drift in the sea, propelled by the wind and waves. The Ocean Cleanup describes it
a giant Pac-Man, gobbling up the ocean's rubbish.
vironmental groups such as Green Peace have previously said removing large quantities of plastic could damage marine life.
That's refuted by inventor Boyan Slat, who said the barrier does not act like a net. He spoke to Reuters last year.>> Plastic pollution in the ocean causes a big environmental issue. Over 100 species are already threatened by extinction thanks to this plastic pollution.>> The collected plastic will be recycled, but this mission is also about proving the technology works.
If it does, then The Ocean Cleanup will be seeking more funds with the aim of deploying 60 such systems to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch over the next two years.