FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2018

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>> The scallop wars could be about to escalate with French fishermen declaring they're ready to fight. That's after disputes between the French and English over harvesting the shellfish wrapped up on Tuesday. Videos showed scallop dredgers from both sides ramming into each other over the abundant seabed. French vessels try to chase their rivals away, hurling projectiles and insults.
>> As you can see, the British vessel hit the boat on the side to throw it into the dredge next to me, it was really nasty of him, I was very scared.>> British boats have no access to French territorial waters up to 12 nautical miles off the coast, but they can legally operate and the expansive same bay of the Normandy coast line and they can fish for the mollusks all year round.
French law only allows scallop fishing for it's own fishermen between October and May to conserve stocks. For years, the French fishermen have said this puts them at a disadvantage in what they consider home waters.>> The British fish the small shells, they have no quotas, no measuring. What rules do they have?
We have rules, so that's why we're angry. If they come October 1st, we'll dredge with them, we know there's lots there, we don't want to stop them from going there, we want to start at the same time as them. But it's heading straight to a conflict, that's for sure if no agreement is found, we'll head straight to a conflict.
>> Scallops are one of just a few species whose catch is governed by national rather than EU regulation. On Friday, fishing industry officials from both sides said they'd try to strike a new deal on dredging for the shellfish next week.