FIRST AIRED: September 4, 2018

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She said China's investment comes with no political obligations, but as Reuter's Christian Shepherd reports, it's creating problems of its own.>> For some African nations the burden of Chinese debt really is growing. They have the majority of their external debt being held by Chinese banks, and they themselves are often at high risk of debt distress.
>> Data from Johns Hopkins University showed that China loan around $125 billion to the continent between 2000 and 2016. That's cranked up high debt risks for countries like Djibouti and Zambia, but there are reasons why countries are still taking the money.>> So even as concerns over Chinese held in Africa have started to grow in recent years, African nations defend the Chinese model saying that compared to their other financing options, the terms are much better often from Chinese policy banks.
They have longer repayment periods, the interest is lower, they often get a long grace period. It just makes more sense. And and also they say, that when it comes to actually giving out the loans, China is just more willing than other partners in Europe or in North America.
agenda for the forum, getting the country more involved in his signature Belt and Road Initiative, an ambitious plan to link China with Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with new infrastructure. But that means more loans and the potential for what critics call debt trap diplomacy. Last year after struggling to make payments on a Chinese built port, Sri Lanka handed the property over to Beijing.
Chinese state media has angrily rejected claims of debt traps in Africa accusing critics in the west of being jealous of China's prominent role in the continent.>>