FIRST AIRED: September 25, 2018

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>> This is Jack, a frontline soldier in the war against opioids. And that high pitched howl you hear is actually from Jack's handler, Christopher Avilla, commending his furry sidekick for successfully sniffing out a suspicious package. It's a typical Tuesday at the mail sorting room at New York City's John F Kennedy airport.
A main entry point for fentanyl, the powerful, addictive, synthetic opioid, often combined with heroin that can kill a person with just a tiny two milligram dose. Reuters correspondent Jonathan Allen.>> Customs agents are finding more and more of this stuff every year. What's happening is Americans are going online, going on the dark web and ordering fentanyl and other opioids as if buying a book off Amazon.
The main source of fentanyl coming to the US seems to be China.>> With more than 100 opioid overdoses a day in the US, intercepting fentanyl is one of the biggest challenges facing law enforcement, says assistant customs officer Kim Ciccolella.>> It's not like the old days where it's heroin, you're just popping it in a test kit and right away, you'll know what you're dealing with.
Synthetics have become a real challenge. We have lab chemists here on a daily basis to interpret the actual powder that we find.>> In an area labeled the Detention Center, customs officers use laser technology that most times can give an almost instant read on what the goods are.
>> So you came up as fiorinal fentanyl.>> That's an even deadlier type of fentanyl. All kinds of illegal drugs come through here, including fake Viagra, and other nefarious items such as potentially counterfeit money, and knock off Mac lipstick. The next step after nabbing fentanyl, catching the bad guys themselves.
>> Fentanyl found in this FedEx package was swapped out for coffee grounds, then sent on its way to its intended receiver who was handcuffed shortly after these gentlemen scoped out the delivery to his door.