FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2018

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>> The US Justice Department on Thursday, taking sides in a heated lawsuit against Harvard University. Backing those who claim the university's admissions policy, through affirmative action, actually puts Asian-American applicants at a disadvantage. Reuters correspondent Nate Raymond explains.>> Essentially, the lawsuit alleges that Harvard is actually discriminating against Asian-Americans, who apply in large numbers to Harvard.
But are effectively being capped from, according to this lawsuit, from getting in, it's backed by a affirmative action critic named Edward Bloom. Who was previously involved in the last major case that went up to the Supreme Court challenging affirmative action.>> Bloom's group, Students for Fair Admissions, originally files the suit in 2014.
The lawsuit has been an embarrassment to Harvard. And has revealed secrets of the school's admissions process, that have never been made public before. Harvard saying in a statement, it is quote, deeply disappointed by the Justice Department's decision to intervene. The school's supporters, including the American Civil Liberties Union, calling it an assault on efforts to promote campus diversity.
The Trump Administration has previously called on colleges to end affirmative action, but that's ultimately in the hands of the nation's top court.>> Many expect that whatever ruling results from the case will get appealed, and could potentially reach the US Supreme Court. Whose makeup has changed, already, quite a bit since 2016.
So many wonder whether, if this case made it up to the Supreme Court, whether the use of affirmative action in college admissions would be upheld as legal.>> The lawsuit is set to go to trial in October.