FIRST AIRED: September 4, 2018

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>> It against your own->> Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, gave the order on Tuesday to arrest an opposition senator who criticized him. If it goes ahead, it would make the second arrest of a senator who's been critical of the president. Lawmaker Antonio Trillanes, has been critical of Duterte's bloody war on drugs, in which thousands of drug suspects have been killed.
Now, the president ordered his arrest after revoking an amnesty given to trillanes, following his involvement in a failed coup 15 years ago. Reuters' Martin Petty reports from Manila.>> Senator Trillanes, says that he'll fight this all the way. He says he's being politically prosecuted, he is not gonna flee, that he'll not resist arrest and he'll fight Duterte all the way.
It's not clear why an amnesty 8 years ago into a coup 15 years ago is all of a sudden important for Duterte, but this is his fiercest critic. This senator will stop at nothing to go after Duterte, and ultimately see him face international criminal court for crimes against humanity.
>> It's not just the two senators, Trillanes joins a cohorted Duterte detractors of increasingly found themselves on the wrong side of the law.>> It's a long list that can involve UN special rapporteurs, journalists, lawyers, Human Rights advocates, activists, opposition politicians. It seems anybody who criticizes Duterte will at some point find themselves on the receiving end of either a public humiliation, or an arrest warrant, or a legal case.
>> The president maintains he's never penalized anyone for criticizing him. Duterte is also been on an official visit to Israel this week. It's the first to the country by president of the Philippines. On Monday, he visited the Hall of Remembrance, a memorial for Holocaust. Reading from his own words written in the museum's visitors book, he said quote, never again.
In 2016, Duterte was wildly criticize for saying he would be happy to slaughtered drug addicts, in the similar veins that the Nazis' mass murder of Jews during World War II, as part of his own deadly crack down on drugs.