FIRST AIRED: September 14, 2018

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>> Coastal streets already flooded, and tens of thousands of residents have lost power as hurricane Florence batters the Carolina coast, with heavy rain and fierce winds of 90 miles per hour.>> I do wanna emphasize that this is only the beginning.>> The hurricane first making landfall, Friday morning in Wrightsville beach, close to Wilmington, North Carolina, where Florence has already damaged roofs, and brought down trees.
Reuters reporter, Ernest Schreider is there with the latest.>> You can see the wind and the rain right over my shoulder, behind me, and it's pounding the region here. Meteorologists predict that this part of North Carolina and farther south is still to get
by the storm, bringing days of flooding throughout the region.
>> In fact, forecasters predict the hurricane could drop up to eight months of rain in just two or three days.>> If you can hear me, please stay sheltered in place. Do not go out in this storm.>> The cultural city of New Bern already hard hit, submerged in water due to a storm surge.
>> People all night long have been in attics and roofs asking for help. And with the resources we have, we've got them out there, we are calling for more resources. We've asked the governor to send out the National Guard.>> Roads and intersections on North Carolina's outer banks barrier islands also inundated, North Carolina's governor confirming that almost 20,000 people had taken refuge in a 157 emergency shelters.
>> You're gonna have a hard time finding a North Carolinian, who is not going to be affected by this storm, in some way>> Later on Friday, Florence is expected to swing towards South Carolina's Myrtle Beach, where residents have already been evacuated.>> Well, the National Guard, the Highway Patrol, and everybody in between, all over the place, manning the roads.
>> Authorities said there have been no immediate reports of storm related deaths or serious injuries.