FIRST AIRED: September 6, 2018

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>> A paper cup, charcoal, and cotton. This father in Idlib improvising a gas mask for his children. Like other residents, he's bracing for an expected assault on the city by forces loyal to Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Idlib now the last rebel-held region in the country.>>
> I'm creating protective masks for my children and the children in the area, because we're scared of a future chemical attack.
Russia are claiming that terrorists are behind the attacks, but all the world knows the Russia and Bashar are going to hit us with chemical weapons, we're preparing for this.>> Idlib came under fresh bombardment this week by government forces and Russian airstrikes. That could be the prelude to an all out offensive.
Some civilians now preparing shelters and stockpiling food.>> We built this cave five years ago because we have children who feel scared when they hear the sounds of planes and bombs. Houses cannot protect us from a bomb or from an air strike, so we go down here and we tell them that safety comes from God.
>> Idlib and surrounding areas have endured years of air strikes that have killed thousands of civilians. More than half of the area's 3 million inhabitants are displaced people, who have fled their homes. Now, many hope Turkey will intervene with Russia to prevent the offensive. Their fate could be decided on Friday when Assad supporters Russia and Iran will meet with Turkey.