FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2018

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>> Own personal funds.>> Are you a corporation?>> I am a person.>> New York's two-term governor Andrew Cuomo is facing a primary challenge from actress and activist Cynthia Nixon. The two battled it out on Wednesday in their first debate, and things got testy.>> The IDC.
>> Please can you stop->> And give the Republicans control of the state senate.>> Can you please stop interrupting? Can you please do that?>> If you stop lying I will stop interrupting.>> Okay.>> The more progressive Nixon has been hammering Cuomo, yanking the governor left on issues from medical marijuana to public housing.
In the debate, Nixon tried to portray the governor as acting mainly in the interest of corporate donors to his campaign. Both candidates also competed on who would hold President Trump more accountable.>> The largest threat today is President Trump.>> When it comes to opposing Donald Trump in New York State, we already have a corrupt corporate Republican in the White House.
We don't need a corrupt corporate Democrat in Albany as his main opposition.>> Nixon launched her campaign with a focus on fixing New York's subway system, which she says Cuomo has pilfered for his pet projects. She's garnered a ton of publicity and roused Cuomo out of a complacent incumbency.
But the governor still has a war chest to spend and a double-digit lead in the polls. But Nixon is banking on a long shot as part of a trend of progressive upsets. On Tuesday, she pointed to the unlikely success of Andrew Gillum, the young mayor of Tallahassee who beat better-funded opponents to win the Democratic nomination in the Florida governor's race.