FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2018

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>> Yeah, Don McGahn's a really good guy, been with me for a long time.>> President Donald Trump in a series of tweets Thursday, aggressively pushing back on coverage of White House Counsel Don McGahn's exit. Insisting that the White House is operating like a smooth running machine. And in the same tweet, denying reports that is daughter Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner, pushed out McGahn.
McGahn's relationship with Trump had become strained, by pressures from special council Robert Mueller's probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. And possibly made worse by recent revelations that McGahn voluntarily sat for 30 hours of interviews with Mueller. But according to the President Thursday, Mueller's investigation was not a factor in his decision on McGahn.
He also denied reports that McGahn was the one preventing him from firing Mueller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Jeff Mason covers the White House for Reuters.>> So McGahn has made clear that as the White House Counsel, he works for the White House. And his job is to protect the presidency, and not necessarily the individual who is the president.
President Trump has certainly shown before a desire to have, whether it be someone at the Justice Department such as Jeff Sessions or others, be there to serve him and to look our for his interests.>> As White House Counsel, McGahn was responsible for helping Trump with Judicial and Supreme Court nominations.
And even spearheaded the administration's drive to fill the courts with young conservative jurists.>> On Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers in particular, are upset that McGahn is leaving. Because they've been very pleased with his efforts to stock the judiciary with Republican and conservative leaning judges. He's been very instrumental on that, and that's one thing that President Trump trumpets as one of his big accomplishments and that's largely thanks to Don McGahn.
>> The White House Counsel will be the latest in a large number of high-ranking White House officials to leave Trump's side, in what has been an unprecedented level of staff turnover. But the President is apparently excited about his next choice, signalling in a tweet that the person, whose name he kept secret, has already been chosen.