FIRST AIRED: August 13, 2018

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>> White nationalists who came to Washington Sunday on the one year anniversary of a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia found themselves vastly outnumbered by hundreds of counter protesters marching and chanting in the streets around the White House.>> Whose street?>> Our street.>> Whose street?>> Our street.
>> About 20 to 30 of the activists, lead by organizer Jason Kessler, rode public transit from Virginia for a march to the White House under heavy police protection. A swarm of counter protesters jeering them all the way.>> You bad bigot. You bigot.>> Reporter David Shepardson was there.
>> You had police on foot in front of the white nationalists as well as police on bicycles and motorcycles. The anti-protesters were very, very close, sometimes within only a few feet. There were a lot of shouting and screaming and obscenities. But the police did a very impressive job of preventing any violence.
>> They're talking like we were about to bomb Pearl Harbor.>> Kessler and his small band of followers held their rally behind a police court in Lafayette Park across from the White House, surrounded by a sea of opposition.>> It's quite a massive demonstration. You can even see people standing on the buildings here in Lafayette Park, which normally the Secret Service would never allow.
But the police are taking kind of a mostly hands off approach as long as the protesters don't get out of hand. I think they're letting them burn off some steam out here.>> Sunday's events coming in sharp contrast to the chaotic rally Kessler organized last year in Charlottesville that resulted in the death of counter protester Heather Heyer.
As rain swept through the Capitol, Sunday, Kessler and his followers ended their rally ahead of schedule and were escorted out of the city in police vans. Counter protesters continued to fill the streets around the White House into the evening, sometimes confronting each other and the police, but for the most part remaining peaceful.