FIRST AIRED: August 14, 2018

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>> Tesla trying to pin down CEO Elon Musk on his plans to take the company private. On Tuesday, the company said its board appointed a special committee, and Musk would need its approval to move ahead. Reuters' correspondent, Alexandria Sage.>> So this special committee is made up of three of Tesla's existing board members.
You could say that these are perhaps three of the board members with the fewest ties to Elon Musk. This special committee will be evaluating whatever detailed proposal Elon Musk presents to them. Then it is their duty to decide if this is in the best interest or not of shareholders.
When key element is that they have not yet received such a detailed plan from Musk.>> The announcement on the new committee coming a day after Musk sparked confusion, as he teased more details about his plan. Monday evening, he tweeted he was working with Goldman Sachs in Silver Lake, but a source familiar with the matter said while Silver Lake was offering its assistance to Musk, it had not been hired in an official capacity.
>> Basically, Elon Musk is trying to show that he has all his ducks in a row. However, what's not clear at this point is whether all of these people, and banks, and advisers were lined up before he tweeted, or these are arrangements he has made since this fire storm that erupted after his tweeting.
>> Confusion and questions have dogged the company since last week when Musk dropped a Twitter bomb, saying that he plan to take the company private at $420 a share, and that's, quotes funding secured. The surprise tweet last week is reportedly being scrutinized by the Security and Exchange Commission, which is seeking more information on why such important company news was revealed via Twitter in the first place.