FIRST AIRED: August 10, 2018

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>> If there's one thing that can't be blocked by Israeli border restrictions, it's sunlight. Palestinians are hoping that by harnessing its energy they can reduce their dependence on Israeli for electricity. Gaza's 2 million residences struggle with an average of just four hours of electricity a day. People are taking it on themselves to install solar panels to keep their fans whirring and televisions on.
>> The crossings are closed, the electricity company's not generating power. But no one can control the Sun because it's from God.>> Three-quarters of the West Bank's electricity is imported from Israel. The public and private sectors have launched projects to diversify power sources and increase self-sufficiency. They hope it'll cut energy bills too.
The Palestinian authority plans to build three solar farms and put solar energy into 500 schools.>> We would be in a good position if we reach 5% of a maximum 10% of the required electricity supply for Palestine in general from solar energy. And by that we would follow the lead of an example of other countries where they aim to diversify their energy sources.
>> While the sun may be free the technology is not, and Palestinian’s say their ability to import solar panels has been hampered by Israeli border controls. Gaza has endured years of Israeli and Egyptian sanctions, aimed at isolating Islamist Hamas, which rules the territory. Israel has blocked all imports into the enclave except for humanitarian supplies.
An Israel spokesman says they haven't imposed any import restrictions on solar panel technology. With the sun shining 320 days a year here, the weather may be guaranteed, but getting the tools to make use of it is not.