FIRST AIRED: August 15, 2018

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>> She's the first transgender nominee for a major US state office. On Tuesday, Christine Hallquist won the Democratic Primary for Governor in Vermont defeating three others on the ballot. It lines Hallquist up to take on Republican Governor Phil Scott this November. The win's been called a defining moment for transgender rights, and Hallquist said after the vote, she was proud to be standing up for minority rights across the board.
>> I can handle all the bigotry and all the grief in the world to know that I'm supporting people in a marginalized community. And it's not just about the transgender community. It's not just about the LGBT community. It's about all marginalized communities.>> Hallquist is also confident she can take on the incumbent Governor, Scott in the Fall.
>> All Phil has is no new taxes. I have a plan to grow Vermont's economy. You know, it's one thing to just fight over the scraps on the table, but we gotta put more food on the table.>> Hallquist's victory comes at an uncertain time for transgender rights in the US.
LGBT rights expanded under the administration of Barack Obama, but the Trump White House has reversed course on much of that. This year, 43 transgender candidates have run for political office at all levels in the US. They're mostly Democrats but a handful have run as Independents or for the Green party.
Vermont has a history of leading on gender related issues, becoming the first state to legalize gay marriage in 2009.