FIRST AIRED: August 14, 2018

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>> Waves of strikes and shelling have pounded northwest Syria in recent days, a potential sign the government showdown to retake Idlib, the last rebel held territory, is edging closer. And with it, the potential for conflict between Turkey and Syria's allies, Russia and Iran. Turkey's Foreign Minister joined by his Russian counterpart, in Ankara, Tuesday, say they hope to find a solution for Idlib.
A region Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad vowed to recapture, and where Turkey set up dozens of military observation posts.>> As Turkish observation posts were open in Idlib zone the situation there was becoming more peaceful. But lately we have seen rather aggressive actions first of all from Nusra front firing at the Syrian army positions, multiple drones being sent daily to attack the Russian airbase Khmeimim, and many other provocative actions.
>> Turkey and their Syrian rebel allies control a swathe of territory along the Turkish border. The situation in Idlib itself is further complicated by the presence of well-armed jihadists. Turkey is also helping set up a national army of Syrian rebels. Turkey's presence will surely complicate Assad's efforts to recapture the area.
> Turkey's Foreign Minister says it's important to distinguish between terrorists, rebel fighters, and up to 3 million civilians in Idlib warning it could be a massacre if the area was bombed. A four-way summit is being planned with the leaders of Russia, France, Germany, and Turkey to talk Syria.
Hundreds of thousands of President Assad's opponents were bused up to Idlib under evacuation agreements reached as other parts of the country fell to pro-government forces. Where they go next remains unclear.