FIRST AIRED: August 14, 2018

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>> Beijing has blamed what it calls anti-China forces for an international outcry over claims China's holding a million people in a secret internment camp. Members of a United Nations human rights panel said on Friday that they have credible proof of the existence of a secretive facility designed to hold ethnic regions who are majority Muslim in the country's far west.
China says the Xinjiang region faces a serious threat from Islamist militants and separatists. And during the past two years Chinese authorities have drastically stepped up security and surveillance in the province. Reuters Michael Martina in Beijing has been covering the story.>> According to numerous foreign media reports as well as first hand accounts the Chinese government across the region has set up this so called detention centers.
Where residence can be send essentially no due process for violations perhaps on the form they have particular material that the government think is sensitive or they address, or the dominar in accordance with what the Chinese government think it should be. So they're sent off to these tension camps.
>> Beijing has never confirmed the existence of attainment camps in the region. But it's treatment of ethnic regers has spurred an international outcry.>> The Chinese government concerned about what it says has been the threat of the spread of terrorism in Chinjong in recent years has dramatically increased security in the region.
That includes mass surveillance techniques, facial recognition, mass DNA collection, armed police checkpoints at cities and roads across the region. And critics of these policies say that it essentially amounts to living under marshal law or our police surveillance state.>> Hundreds have been killed in Chin Chung in recent years.
Rights groups and weaker exiles says the violence stems from weaker resentment of the Chinese control. But authority say the violence justifies increased security.