FIRST AIRED: August 16, 2018

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>> Fake news. Bad people.>> Hundreds of newspapers in the US on Thursday launched a coordinated defense of press freedom. Reserving editorial print space to rebuke President Donald Trump for calling prominent media organizations enemies of the people. Trump has frequently criticized journalists and described news reports that contradict his opinion or policy positions as fake news.
Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason.>> The President responded on Twitter to these coordinated editorials by again calling the media the opposition party. Which is sort of in line with his general attacks, calling the media fake news and the enemy of the American people. The President likes to use the press, and others, as a sort of punching bag when he's upset about something.
Or when he feels under pressure. So you do tend to see more attacks on the press when, perhaps there's some news about the Robert Mueller investigation. Or there's other kind of unfriendly stories about him making the rounds. That said, he also uses them a lot when he's doing rallies because these types of attacks also do well with his base.
>> The fake news.>> So, you'll see him pick on journalists or point at the reporters covering rallies as a way of ginning up the crowd.>> Fake news!>> Trump won!>> The Boston Globe and The New York Times took part in the push, along with more than 300 other newspapers of all sizes.
Including some in states that Trump carried. The Globe's editorial accused Trump of carrying out a, quote, sustained assault on the free press. Writing, quote, the greatness of America is dependent on the role of a free press to speak the truth to the powerful. The New York Times editorial said it is right to hold the media accountable.
Quote, but insisting that truths you don't like are fake news is dangerous to the life blood of democracy. And calling journalists the enemy of the people is dangerous.>> I do think the President will continue to use this kind of rhetoric. Probably in particular as the campaign season heats up, both now for the midterm elections and for the 2020 Presidential elections.
So there will continue to be responses to that rhetoric, just as he continues to use it.