FIRST AIRED: August 9, 2018

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>> The judge presiding over the trial of Paul Manafort on Thursday offered regrets. After a dramatic clash with prosecutors the day before, saying he, quote, may well have been wrong. On Wednesday, Judge T.S. Ellis had screamed, don't ever do that again, when prosecutors allowed an IRS agent to testify in the case.
After he spent time watching the trial. It turned out that Ellis had actually approved the move on day one. Legal analysts have noted Ellis has taken an especially tough line toward the prosecution. While seeming to give Manafort's defense more latitude. Warren Strobel is on the story.>> Judge Ellis has a reputation of ruling his court with an iron hand.
He doesn't hesitate to call them out when he thinks they're not behaving or laying out their case appropriately. He makes side comments and jokes to the jury, he's a very colorful character.>> Prosecuters shifting their focus Thursday from alleged tax evasion to bank fraud. As their case against Donald Trump's former campaign share enters the home stretch.
A series of bankers are expected to testify about Manafort's alleged attempts to mislead them with doctored financial statements. In one of many examples, prosecutors allege Chicago based Federal Savings Bank lent Manafort money based on fraudulent documents. As part of a quid pro quo, they say bank chief executive Steve Calk was named an advisor to Trump's 2016 campaign.
And that Manafort pushed for him to get a senior post once Trump was elected. Manafort has pled not guilty to all the charges, but it's not clear whether he'll take the stand in his defense.>> His defense thus far has primarily consisted of undercutting the credibility of the number one witness on the prosecution side.
That's Rick Gates, who was Manafort's former business partner and also a former member of the Trump 2016 campaign. What they haven't said is whether they're going to call witnesses of their own.>> Special council Robert Mueller's team told Judge Ellis they plan to rest their case by Friday.