FIRST AIRED: August 17, 2018

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As the US government works to reunite all of the kids and parents who were separated at the southern border well past the court order deadline. One family is living through the ordeal for a second time, this is Caterina Miguel. Her sister in law, Catalina Solis, and Catalina's 14-year-old son, Yazer, were separated at the US Mexico border.
Then brought back together at a facility near El Paso, Texas after two months apart, only to be separated again. Reuter's reporter, Rita Levenson explains why.>> They are still separated, they were reunited briefly for a few hours on July 25th on a bus with a bunch of other parents.
And on that bus, Carolina along with these other parents was asked to sign a form waiving her son's claim to asylum. She refused to sign the form and she and six other parents who refused were taken off the bus and they were re-separated. And so Catalina and her 14-year-old son have not seen each other since July 25th.
>> Attorney Young Peter Wise and Catalina's sister-in-law, Caterina are fighting to keep Yazer in the US.>> My opinion is, they sent the 14-year-old there, back with his mom for one reason, to send both of them back. In that fashion, the attorney general and the president can say, look, we are reuniting families.
>> But the decision to separate them gave Yazer a better chance of being allowed to stay in the US legally.>> By separating her and Yazer the government actually rendered Yazer unaccompanied. And that designation in immigration law confers more benefits than for kids who come across with their parents and are not separated.
So a sort of unintended consequence of the family separations is that kids like Yazer now have a better chance of staying in the United States.>> Yazer's aunt says she'll be ready for him if he gets to stay.>>
> The plan I have for Yazer is that I'm ready to help him, I'm ready to help take him to school.
He's gonna be like a child to me and I'll take care of him until he's an adult and fight for him, so he can have a fair shake.