FIRST AIRED: August 17, 2018

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>> In India's Assam state, a simple spelling mistake could see you lose your citizenship. That's the reality for around four million mostly Muslim Assam residents. They've recently discovered their names are not on a new Indian citizenship register, produced by the Hindu nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Assam has the second highest Muslim population in India. Many are poor and illiteracy is rife. Those left off the register have apparently been the victims of mistakes in their names and ages. Now they're worried they'll be seen as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh. And lawyers say the mistakes could see people end up in immigration detention.
Reuter's Ziva Zedeker reports from Assam.>> Things seem call in Dubri at the moment but there is concern among people whose names haven't appeared on the citizenship list which includes both Hindus and Muslims. We spoke to families where half the families' names has appeared in the list but the other half's hasn't.
In some cases, the entire family's name is on the list but for one person.>> Reazul Islam is one of those people. He lives in Assam. He says he's Indian and his father is Indian but his name isn't on the national register.>> My name has not appeared on the NRC list.
In my house, my whole family's name has appeared on the list but not mine and my mother's. I'm very upset, why is this happening?>> Islam says he sent all the right information to authorities including documents that go back to the 1950s.>> The last resort for people whose names haven't appeared in the final citizenship list that is expected to be out later this year would be to go to the
] for years told us that their functioning is a real concern because they don't often allow the accused a fair trial, don't give them enough time to make their case before judgments are issued.>> Opposition groups have led protests and accused the government of trying to make millions stateless under an anti-Muslim agenda.
But lawyers who have been fighting cases of these
It also means Muslim voters could be struck off voting rolls, which could have big implications in elections due before May next year. But Modi's party, the BJP, said there's no religious motive behind the drive.