FIRST AIRED: December 6, 2018

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>> It's been years since Yemen's warring sides sat down to talk. And on Thursday they did in a renovated counsel outside the Swedish capital, just getting the two sides to the table was a mile stone. But they also agreed to free thousands of prisoners in what the UN mediated described as a hopeful start.
>> This is a huge tribute to those here present. And of enormous importance to the many, many thousand of families whose seat they return to them of those currently lost to them.>> Yemen's war has pushed millions of people to the brink of starvation, and killed tens of thousands.
In 2015, a Saudi-led-Arab coalition intervened to restore government ousted by the Iran aligned Houthi movement. The war that's followed is seen by many across the region as a proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran. It's been stalemated for years. No talks have been held since 2016, and the last attempt in September failed when the Houthis were a no show.
The UN mediator wants a deal on reopening the capital's airport. Shoring up the central bank and securing a truce in Hudaydah, the country's main port, currently held by the Hoothies. The coalition launched a campaign to capture it this year. This could then lead to a wider cease fire.
A UN source says the two sides are still far from agreements on the the three issues. For now, just being here is a start.