FIRST AIRED: November 30, 2018

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> And AMLO faces another severe problem, how to stop a recent sell-off in the Mexican stock market.>> The market has come down about 14% since he was elected in July.
Reuters Correspondent Dave Graham is in Mexico City.>> Murders hit a record last year of more than 25,000. And the past four months, the four months since his election have been the most violent in terms of the number of murders on record.>> Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, has floated the idea of an amnesty for lesser crimes, saying he wanted a dialogue on the drug war that has cost the country an estimated 200,000 lives over the last decade.
And in contrast to his three predecessors, since he won, the peso has also fallen against the dollar.>> One of the main reasons why Mexico's financial markets have been rattled, AMLO's decision in October to cancel a $13 billion new airport in Mexico city.>> The big issue really surrounding the airport cancellation was the fact that, A, he wanted to cancel something that was already partly failed.
And B, the referendum that was used to justify it was seen to be extremely questionable because it was run by his own party. His taste for popular referendums is alarming people who think that this could lead to sort of arbitrary decision making.>> AMLO’s Inauguration comes at a time of tense relations with the US.
Thousands of Central American migrants are marching through Mexico toward the US border, hoping to seek asylum. Trump has vowed to keep the migrants in Mexican soil while they apply for asylum in the US. The situation creating a political crisis for Lopez Obrador, even before he takes office.