FIRST AIRED: December 4, 2018

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>> President Trump's top diplomat, Mike Pompeo, forcefully defending the President's America First agenda in a speech in Brussels Tuesday.>> President Trump->> Telling NATO leaders that criticim of Trump's foreign policy decisions, including the withdrawal from sevel international agreements, is simply mistake.>> Even our Europen friends sometimes say we're not acting in the world's interest.
This is just plain wrong. Our mission is to reassert our sovereignty, reform the liberal international order. And we want our friends to help us and to exert their sovereignty as well.>> Reuters State Department Correspondent, Arshad Mohammed.>> A number of the issues where Trump gets criticized are very big ones.
The decision to abandon the Iran nuclear deal this year, last year's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. And what Pompeo was essentially trying to do was to make a case that it's not that Trump is against all multinational institutions or agreements, but just that he's against some of them.
And if he doesn't think that they serve the United States's interests, he's not gonna play ball with them.>> President Trump is not undermining these institutions, nor is he abandoning American leadership. Quite the opposite, in the finest traditions of our great democracy, we are rallying the noble nations of the world to build a new liberal order that prevents war and achieves greater prosperity for all.
>> Pompeo argued that a new democratic world order would stop bad actors, such as Russia. Later on Tuesday, he vowed that the US would withdraw from a nuclear arms control treaty between the US and Russia if Moscow doesn't come clean within 60 days about what Washington says is a violation of that agreement.
>> And verifiable compliance.