FIRST AIRED: December 11, 2018

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>> Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou, spent another night in Canadian jail on Monday. A judge in Vancouver adjourned Meng's bail hearing without deciding her fate. Meng was arrested as part of a US investigation into potential violation of sanctions on Iran. Her jailing sparked fear it could make tension between the US and China worse.
Meng has been detained for over a week and faces possible extradition to the United States. US officials allege she was trying to use banks to move money out of Iran via a company called Skycom. Reuters' Steve Stecklow has been covering the supposed links between Huawei and Iran for years.
>> Several multinational banks, including HSBC, went to Huawei and said what's the story here with this Skycom company? Apparently, a number of Huawei executives, including Miss Meng, gave a presentation to HSBC and other banks in which they said that they weren't really connected to Skycom, that they had sold the company and therefore there was no problem.
US authorities now say that wasn't true, that Huawei controlled Skycom.>> Now, US prosecutors want Meng to be extradited to face accusations she misled the banks and that put them at risk of violating US sanctions. Meng has said in an affidavit that she is innocent and will contest the allegations if she is extradited for trials in the US.
Huawei said in a statement, it believes the Canadian and US legal systems will deliver a fair conclusion. Meng's bail hearing is set to resume on Tuesday