FIRST AIRED: December 3, 2018

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On his first full day in office, Mexico's new President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wasted no time pushing his new plan to end violence in the country.
pez Obrador wants to fight crime by forming a National Guard. A controversial choice for a country that's come under fire in the past for militarizing public security.
Mexico is waging a grueling war on drug cartels and violence is on the rise with a record of more than 25,000 murders logged last year alone. López Obrador on Sunday told troops in Mexico City that the country couldn't end violence without them.>>
> I have faith in the Armed Forces because they have acted with responsibility and they have not meddled in businesses which take place in the shadows of power.>> But López Obrador plan has already sparked an outcry. Some activists accusing him of doubling down on a failed approach.
We have opted for this plan because we trust the armed forces.>> In the first phase of his plan, López Obrador would form a 60,000 strong national guard force. Drawn from the military and federal police. While at the same time, pushing for a constitutional reform in order to submit the new strategy.
Human Right's Watch says, using the military to fight crime has resulted in abusive like torture, executions, and disappearances. The group is urging the new president to focus on improving the police force instead. López Obrador says his new strategy will be put to a public vote next spring.