FIRST AIRED: December 11, 2018

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>> Very bipartisan.>> President Trump and democratic leaders sat down on Tuesday for a friendly bipartisan photo-op.>> It's a great honor to have Nancy Pelosi with us and Chuch Shumer with us.>> That didn't last long.>> Look, we can build a much bigger section>> Let's debate, let's debate in private.
>> The three openly sparring about government funding and spending on Trump's border wall, threatening to upend any deal to avert a looming government shut down.>> You should not have a Trump shutdown. You'll have a->> A what, you said Trump,>> We have a proposal that Democrats and Republicans will support to do a CR, that will not shut down the government.
We urge you to take it.>> And if it's not good border security, I will not take it.>> It is very good.>> Congress is seeking to finalize it's spending plans before December 21st when some government funding runs out. While Trump's fellow Republicans control both the House and the Senate until next month, Democratic support is needed to pass any spending legislation.
But there are no votes in the House, a majority of votes for a wall, no matter where you stand.>> Exactly right->> If I needed the votes for the wall in the House, I would have them in one session. Would be done->> Well then go do it.
Go do it.>> Tuesday was the first time Trump met with Pelosi and Schumer since the Democrats won control of the House in the midterms. A rocky start with an opposition party the White House needs to advance any priorities.>> Excuse me, did we win the Senate? We won the Senate.
>> When the Senate brags that he won North Dakota and Indiana, he's in real trouble.>> I did, we did win North Dakota and Indiana. Eventually much to Democrat's delight Trump said this.>> I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck.>> Which the Democrats quickly turned into a sound bite.
>> You heard the President. He wants a shut down.>> Trump has asked Congress for 5 billion dollars for border security while Schumer and Pelosi said they offered to extend the current funding at around 1.3 billion dollars.